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Namo Buddhaya!
We welcome you to the web page of the Sri Subodha International Meditation Retreat Centre.
Please feel free to stroll through the topics that  interest you.The centre is fully developed and equipped as a perfect retreat centre to those who wish to find solitude. Many yogis, attend to silent retreats at this Centre, and enjoy the experience of tranquility and quietness.
During the year, many meditation retreats will be conducted at the Sri Subodha Retreat Centre  in Ambuluwawa.
Most Venerable Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Maha Thero  who is the Chief incumbent and the President of the Centre, (the Chief Sanganayaka for the Central Province of Kandy  and the Chief Incumbent of the Sri Subodharama International Buddhist Centre, Peradeniya, and the Sanganayaka for Australia), provides  guidance and meditation instructions to those who seek it. 
Since it's inauguration, Most Venerable Udaeeriyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero; The  Abort and the Senior Meditation Teacher, of  the Nissarana Forest Monastery, Meethirigala, has been the Chief Kamatahan Teacher. The Most Venerable Sir conducts a 5 day retreats in  November, each year at Ambuluwawa.
Most Ven. Ellawala Vijitha Nanda Maha Thero, a renounced Kammattancharya  conducts a 3 Day retreat Monthly at our Centre.
Ven. Gampaha Gnaweera Thero  who is also a popular Vipassana Meditation Instructor often conducts Retreats at this Centre.
 Many other meditation instructors also attend and guide you through meditation from time to time.
The Chief Nun, Ven. Nadimale Sudhamma, organises retreats, attends to other needs and provides spiritual support and meditation guidance to anyone who seeks it.
The resident Nun, Ven. Waliweriye Gothami can also provide support and guidance to those who need additional support and other requirements.


The present extent of land belonging to the Centre is about six and a half Acres, this was donated about 30 years ago by a devout family to the Maha Sanga.


The construction of the buildings in the centre began in 2007, with the building of a Dhamma hall and two kutis. With the on-going commitment and support provided by the Venerable Nayaka Thero, as-well-as the commitment from many devotees, the retreat centre is now fully developed into a well-furbished, functioning meditation retreat centre that is able to accomodate about 30 people at one time.


The  Sri Subodha Retreat Centre was established as the main retreat centre for Sri Subodharama International Buddhist Centre, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.


Visit the topics above to obtain more information about the retreats and program plans.

"We don't meditate to see heaven, but to end suffering"

~ Ven. Ajahn Cha


"May the Dhamma taught by the Buddha bring peace & harmony to all beings!"

"සඳහම් සිසිලෙන් ලොව සැනසේවා!"